Jewish Psychologist to Debate Circumcision in Europe

Ronald Goldman, Ph.D.
Ronald Goldman, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Circumcision Resource Center, a nonprofit educational organization in Boston, has been invited by the Council of Europe to participate in an interdisciplinary dialogue about circumcision at a meeting in France on January 28.

There is a growing European debate about circumcision. In October the Council of Europe, an organization of 47 member States, overwhelmingly passed a non-binding resolution that called circumcision, among other procedures, a violation of the physical integrity of children according to established human rights standards. Circumcision is uncommon in Europe except among Jews and Muslims.
As the only non-European invited to this meeting, Dr. Goldman said, “I look forward to contributing to the effort to raise awareness about circumcision in Europe in light of its physical, sexual, and psychological harm.” He is the author of Circumcision: The Hidden Trauma and Questioning Circumcision: A Jewish Perspective.

Information from the Circumcision Resource Center and the Jewish Circumcision Resource Center (a section of the CRC) was used to support the Council’s report on the resolution. The resolution, which received international media attention, urges member States to raise awareness, provide training, initiate public debate, and promote an interdisciplinary dialogue about the procedures.

Other invited guests to the meeting include an official representative of the French Jewish community, a representative of the Muslim community from Turkey, and a medical professional from Germany.

The Circumcision Resource Center has the purpose of informing the public and professionals about the practice of male circumcision. Its mission is to raise awareness and facilitate healing. Since 1991, the Center has been a valuable source of male circumcision information for parents and children's advocates; childbirth educators and allied professionals; medical, mental health, and academic people; Jews; and others.

Dr. Goldman has participated in over 200 media interviews with local and national radio and television programs, newspapers, and periodicals. He also gives lectures and seminars on circumcision and counsels parents and circumcised men.

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  1. This is excellent.

    He is a long time author and competent contributor to the subject. And Jewish to boot. It takes a fearless soul to look at this subject honestly. Many Jews can't really look at circumcision honestly. The ones that do, dig deep, very deep, they write, they publish, they lecture. They are the ones dominating the discussion, they write 9 out of 10 books on the subject. - Check your book titles/authors: Glick, Marked In Your Flesh, Ron Goldman, Miriam Pollack, Lawrence Hoffman Covenant of Blood.etc.

    The ones who say "its a commandment" generally don't have the depth and insight to address the subject competently. They are like the old generation that have to die out, for progress to be made.

    Adults can always circumcise themselves, that would be ethical and acceptable. Children are not religious objects, they have bodily and religious rights like the parents do. Parents have obligations to them, not rights over them.

    The "right to religion" should be a shield to use on behalf of oneself, not a sword to be used on others.