Proposed Circumcision Ban Highlights Israelis' Changing Views

An Israeli anti-circumcision group will take their message to the steps of the Danish embassy. 

September 14, 2020

Danish parliament is scheduled to vote on a bill that would prohibit parents from circumcising boys. Its already illegal in Denmark to cut the genitals of minor girls for religious reasons. The goal of the bill is humanitarian in nature, designed to protect both boys and girls from the pain and harm of unnecessary genital cutting.    

I was a Soviet Jew who chose to get circumcised after making Aliyah to Israel. Now I regret it.


I was born in Siberia, Russia, in 1957. My parents and grandparents were originally Latvian Jews. As an independent country, Latvia had a small Jewish population where Jews had schools and participated in culture and politics. However the Soviets occupied Latvia in 1940. On the eve of Germany’s invasion of Latvia, in June of 1941, Stalin deported about 15,500 Latvian citizens to Siberia and other parts of Soviet Asia. My family was among this group.