Are you surprised to discover a community of Jewish people who are united in the belief that circumcising healthy children is harmful and unnecessary? Don’t be—times are changing. We are the voices and faces of the pro-intact Jewish movement. From college students to grandparents, we’re moving in what we feel is a more thoughtful, more ethical and more Jewish direction: Beyond the Bris.

Beyond the Bris was launched by Rebecca Wald in 2010 as a unique forum for Jewish people who question male infant circumcision. It is a place to share thoughts, feelings, and experiences with like-minded Jewish people and with the project’s global visitors. The pace, scope, and direction of the project are dynamic and determined by a diverse group of contributing writers who share their unique stories and perspectives.

Beyond the Bris accepts original essays, music, poetry and art. Occasionally the project will also republish material that has appeared elsewhere, especially if it is unique, relevant, and has not had the opportunity to come before a wide audience.

Almost all project contributors choose to use their real names and photos. After all, there should be no shame in being Jewish and opposed to circumcision. Using real names and showing our faces gives a more accurate portrayal of the Jewish movement against circumcision. It also helps to shatter longstanding taboos surrounding this topic. However, in some circumstances, a contributor may find it necessary to write under a pseudonym. When this occurs, the identity and credentials of the author verified. Contributors are welcome, and encouraged, to share their views on whatever topics matter to them; however, Beyond the Bris has no political agenda. It is neither “left” nor “right.” It does not endorse or oppose any political activity or political campaign.


Beyond the Bris has been mentioned in the news, on TV, and on the radio. It is a valuable resource for those interested in learning about the growing U.S. Jewish movement to question circumcision. Media inquires may contact beyondthebris@gmail.com

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