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Beyond the Bris is, first and foremost, a forum for Jewish people to share their knowledge and feelings about the harms of infant circumcision and, in so doing, to educate and inspire others. By becoming a contributing writer, your unique perspective and message has the power to reach many. You might discuss how you came to reject circumcision, alternatives to brit milah, engaging in dialogue with others about questioning Jewish circumcision–or whatever else inspires you. You don’t have to be a natural writer. If you choose, we’ll work with you to get your message across in a powerful way. Original poetry, artwork and music are also welcome.

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BTB needs individuals with journalism experience and/or talents to follow and report on the news, seek out and conduct interviews, write movie and book reviews, and brainstorm story ideas. We also need editors who can solicit, evaluate and prepare submissions for publication. If you are an experienced writer and/or editor, or feel equipped to work in this capacity, contact us to get started.

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Are you a high school student seeking to earn community service credits, or a college or graduate student in search of an internship or a thesis project? BTB has a number of opportunities that may fulfill your educational requirements and while enabling you to participate in an important human rights campaign. BTB will work with you, and your school, to achieve your goals.


Please direct all inquiries about how you can help to Rebecca Wald at

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