Why Question Circumcision?

Many of us grew up hearing that circumcision is “just a snip,” the removal of “a little extra piece of skin,” “no big deal,” and “healthier.” Did you grow up hearing these things? If so, it’s only reasonable for you to believe them—especially if you aren’t aware of any evidence to the contrary.

When we think we understand something, it can be jarring to hear a different story. At first, you probably won’t believe it, and will even fight against it. People in the U.S. fought hard against the abolition of slavery and the integration of public schools, but today there are very few who defend such practices.

The knee-jerk response is to defend what we know. If you are new to questioning circumcision, it’s easy to take on a defensive attitude. Especially if you, yourself, have had your genitals altered, or if you have altered the genitals of your child. But try to keep an open mind and look into the question of male infant circumcision with “fresh” eyes.

It’s not the job of any person or organization to prove to you that circumcision is harmful. Nobody convinces anyone of anything. Minds only change when there is a true spirit of investigation, a willingness to get to the bottom of things. So if you really want to know about circumcision, don’t challenge others to prove its harmfulness. You’ve got to look into the issue for yourself!

Just a few years ago, there wasn’t much information about circumcision. It’s what virtually all Americans did to their newborn sons, Jewish or not. Few questioned it; virtually no one understood there were negative consequences.

Today there’s plenty of information out there—if you’re willing to look. Here are some areas you might wish to investigate, along with some links to get started. Be aware, these links contain graphic content and are for mature audiences.



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